Revelation 13:18 NASB

Revelation 13:18 NASB

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

UAE-Card Features and Looks

  • Identification Number 

    The Identity Card is featured for its identification number known as the identity number which sticks with its holder forever. By this number, he may benefit from all the governmental and some of the non-governmental and private entities services, which require the identity evidence. The identity number is featured for its sole and un- repeated number. It includes 15 digitals

Card Features

The e- card has many features from which all the community individuals may benefit starting from safety and ending with the easy administrative services in addition to the feeling of attachment and contribution in building a modern and developed electronic government. The identity features may be summarized as follows:
  • Sense of Belonging: the Identity Card helps creation of sense of belonging and proud among both UAE nationals and residents of the United Arab Emirates, which attempts to avail the best living levels for all the community individuals.
  • Identity Protection: The Identity Card is a smart card which includes unique vital information for the identity holder such as his biological properties such as his fingerprint and electronic signature, the matter which guarantees protection of the personal identity thus reducing falsification possibilities and makes the identity a valuable instrument which strongly contributes in fighting crimes.
  • Facilitation: being a unified identification document with all the UAE authorities, the Identity Card guarantees its holder obtaining the governmental and nongovernmental services with ease.
  • Integrated Card: In the future, the Identity Card will replace the other documents and identification cards such as the labor card, health insurance card, driving license and Passport (for the nationals of U.A.E.) making it a practical and comprehensive card.
  • Comprehensive Database: All individuals who obtain the Identity Card will be registered in the population registry of the Emirates Identity Authority, hence unifying the personal database of individuals with all the governmental departments through the electronic linking with the Authority, resulting in reduction of data management costs and enhancing the e-Government works, in addition to providing accurate and comprehensive demographic information assisting the State in its strategic planning process.
How the Identity Card looks like?

The Identity Card is not that different form the ordinary cards in volume such as the bank card for instance. It is a plastic card with an electronic chip which contains all the information on its holder and his biological characteristics. As shown in the form above, the identity holder name, his nationality, photograph, fingerprint and Identity Card number, which is consisted of 15 digitals, are appeared on the card front side, while the birth date, gender, signature sample of the card owner, number and the card validity appear on the back side. The other data do not appear on the card face and can not be read without the consent of the identity holder.

  • Electronic Chip 
    It includes the personal data to be read automatically in usages that require the holder to provide an identity evidence and authentication. Some of these data are encrypted and only readable/writable/updatable by the authorized authorities in order to protect the privacy of data. This chip may store up to 32 thousand letters of information

    Card Utilizations- As of Today Usage

  • The Identity Card can be used as a unified identification document with all the government, semi-government authorities and private entities. An individual may utilize it to obtain all the administrative services easily and promptly guaranteeing the highest levels of security and privacy
  • UAE National may utilize the Identity Card as a traveling document to travel among the GCC neighboring countries
  • The ID card can be used to logon to Computers and Access online services
  • The ID card can be used for access control, signing electronic forms, and signing documents to protect it from being altered by others
  • It is agreed with the Ministry of Finance to include the e-Dirham service to the Identity Card
  • It is agreed with the Ministry of Interior to include the e-Gate service to the Identity Card
  • The ID Card can be used on Abdu Dhabi e-Gov portal to Authenticate your identity and get access to services
Future Usage

Thanks to the systems integration Emirates Identity Authority envisioning to achieve with various governmental, semi-governmental, and private sectors, it is expected to extend the identity utilizations in the future to include other domains especially after completion of the registration of all national and residents of the United Arab Emirates. The ID Card maybe utilized in the future to store other cards information or provide various applications as follows:
  • Labor Card.
  • Health Card and Health Insurance card.
  • Electronic Portfolio.
  • Commercial and Banking applications
  • Driving License.
  • Passport.
  • In addition, the ID Card acts as an infrastructure to many applications and services to entities to use such as:
    • Public Libraries and rental stores to check out books, movies, games, cars, and others
    • Utilized to get access to exhibitions
    • Metro, public transportations


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